After launching in 1998, soon became a trusted source of information and experiences regarding evolving spirituality. In the beginning, our focus was on documenting emerging trends in ministry before the term ‘emerging church’ was even coined. Year after year, we introduced new features to the website that facilitated the conversation surrounding ministry in a postmodern world. What began as a simple website to document churches that were impacting their communities in new ways soon progressed into a vibrant community attracting over 250,000 unique users a month from over 100 nations around the world.


theooze - 1998Simple HTML site managed by Spencer Burke.


theooze 1999Simple HTML site managed by Spencer Burke.


theooze - 2000The site moved to a database driven design with some very innovative features and the message boards were introduced.

October 2002

theooze - 2002Version 2 of the code was introduced which added to the innovative features also giving the ability work with a team of volunteers to build the content.

March 2004

theooze - 2002Redesign of the colors and greater functionality, new calendar was introduced, XML feeds plus Online Chat added along with other enhancements.

December 2010

theooze6Relaunch of the website on a WordPress platform with a fresh logo, forums, and daily articles.

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