spencer_thinkfwdIn the fall of 1975, my high school had a vidicon tube black and white video camera, 27-inch black and white TVs in each english classroom, a couple of miles of co-axle cable, and two kids looking to get out of “traditional” school work. My friend, Bill, and I launched one of the first-ever closed circuit high school TV stations. 25 years later, I came full circle and expanded from the printed words of to include interviews behind the stories of church and culture. By introducing and interviewing people — some who are well-known and others whose stories should be known, ThinkFWD offered first-hand reporting in creative settings, mixing honest and in-depth conversation with both playful and challenging thought.

Brian McLaren

Jay Bakker

Phyllis Tickle

Dan Merchant

Soong-Chan Rah

Shane Claiborne

Cheri Honkala

Claudio Oliver

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