Soularize: A Learning Party


Beyond the significant online presence of TheOOZE, I also hosted an event called Soularize, a learning party for people to gather and share ideas in a safe, spiritual environment. As a part of this event we purposely invited people who have a unique perspective and prophetic voice for the Church to address the group in a keynote role. Events included N.T. Wright, Father Richard Rohr, Reverend Bernice King (daughter of Martin Luther King), Brian McLaren, and Ray Levesque from the Tlingit Indian tribe, who graced our Seattle conference with a three-hour Native American potlatch meal along with thirty other chiefs and tribal leaders from the Pacic Northwest. In the process of inviting keynote speakers, we looked for voices that presented the dream that God has for this world in vibrant color and depth.

2000 – Irvine, CA

soularize2000Speakers included Leonard Sweet and Sally Morgenthaler.

2001 – Seattle, WA

soularize2001Speakers included Father Richard Rohr, Brian McLaren, Leonard Sweet, and Sally Morgenthaler.

2002 – Minneapolis, MN

soularize2002Speakers included Rev. Bernice King, Brian McLaren, Doug Pagitt, Dan Kimball, Chris Seay, Tom and Christine Sine, Joe Meyers, Tony Jones, Karen Ward, and many more.


2005 – Venice Beach, CA

soularize2005Speakers included Heather Reynolds, Christine Sine, Todd Hunter, and many more.

2007 – Bahamas

soularize2007Speakers included NT Wright, Father Richard Rohr, Rita Brock, and Brennan Manning.


2011 – San Diego, CA

soularize_adSpeakers included Jay Bakker, Pete Rollins, Rita Brock, Barry Taylor, Tripp Fuller, Phillip Clayton, and many more.

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