Lean Faith Focuses on Spiritual Innovators who Desire to

Launch Love into Action

 Through coaching, training and resources, we come alongside faith leaders and their communities to build their competence and confidence to address the changing spiritual landscape. We adapt and contextualize current and effective business tools for churches to tackle spiritual and societal needs in their local communities. We create learning cohorts where faith leaders can share their experience and knowledge and support each other in new explorations. These prototypes are created from the community up to address issues with new approaches creating community-based changemakers.

Planning Starts With Questions, Not Assumptions

Lean Faith Canvas - a one page ministry planning tool to discern and launch love into action, adapted by Spencer Burke. Download Your Free Lean Faith Canvas

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Helping You Launch Love Into Action


Have you struggled with ministry planning and the antiquated / inadequate tools you've relied on. The drawbacks of shrink wrapped programming that was not contextualized to your community. Or the liabilities of not being flexible enough to meet the changing spiritual landscape. Have you wasted a lot of time and money...

You can discover the power of Observing and Prototyping. It will unleash your creativity and teach you the value of experimentation. You will learn how to minimize risk through Build / Measure / Learn and how it will prove invaluable in helping you navigating ministry in these uncertain times.

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Proven System

Leverage the 5 Tasks of the Lean Faith Canvas. Observe, Prototype, Partner, Stabilize and Share

Live and Archived

Learn at Your Own Pace - 6 Week Course

Team Building

Focus your team by using these principles to balancing new opportunities and minimizing risk