Soularize 2021

A Global Hybrid Learning Party for Spiritual Innovators

What if you had access to an open platform where you could collaborate with hundreds of talented innovators from across the globe?

That’s the question that drives Soularize 2021.

Simply put, Soularize 2021 is your event. It’s a blank page; an open sandbox; an unwritten song.

It’s truly a Global Hybrid Learning Party where we can shape the future together.

Available Options:

VIRTUAL ACCESS ONLY: Start collaborating on June 1 in the customized Soularize App using the Network Pass.

LIVE EVENT + VIRTUAL ACCESS: Attend the LIVE Soularize event in Fullerton, CA [Oct. 21-23, 2021] and start collaborating with the Network Pass.

HOST YOUR OWN LOCAL EVENT + VIRTUAL ACCESS: Become a Village Host  to stream our content at your own local Soularize event and start collaborating with your Network Pass.

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Soft Launch Discussion Video

We gathered on a zoom call with about 20 friends to introduce Soularize 2021 and the theme: Humane Spirituality: Restoring human dignity to both the oppressed and the oppressor. We wanted to hear if the ideas presented made sense and resonate. Great thoughts were shared during this one hour conversation. Topics covered: Personal introductions, Why Soularize, Why Hybrid, and Why now?  We discussed remote hosts called Villages, who should participate in Pitch Gallery, and the Network Pass and the Live event. We finished with some great Q&A.


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