Spencer Burke

Spencer Burke
an American author, innovator and church leader.



As the founder and executive director of Hatchery LA, Spencer is passionate about coaching Innovators to launch their own Common Cause Communities.



Over the past 25 years of ministry, he has explored his passion for arts, technology, and the church in both the written and spoken word. He and his family live in Newport Beach, CA.



Client Reviews

If Spencer Burke is a heretic, it’s not because he’s teaching dangerous doctrine, but because he asks the questions about faith that today’s sensibilities naturally raise. Spencer is a winsome walking companion for those who find traditional dogma too narrow.
— Marshall Shelley | Christianity Today
Fearless of being burned at the stake, Burke presents his provocative thoughts on the world no longer needing the Church. With a new approach to the heretics of the past, he forces readers to re-examine their thoughts about the Church, universalism, and grace.
— Relevant Magazine
Distinguishing between religion and spirituality, Burke offers what he calls a new way of looking at God... He emphasizes a God who is looking to save the world, not a God who seems more intent on condemning certain practices.
— Library Journal