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Spencer Burke is a trailblazer in spiritual innovation, founding and authoring transformative texts like "Heretic's Guide to Eternity." Through Lean Faith, he adapts Design Thinking for faith communities, creating impactful spaces like Soularize for collaborative spiritual exploration. As a speaker, strategist, and founder of Hatchery LA, Spencer empowers ministries with new perspectives and tools for growth, making significant strides in multi-faith dialogue and innovation.

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Current Projects

The Inward Journey

Embarking on a journey as a spiritual innovator begins with a profound commitment to self-improvement. It's a process rooted in deep self-awareness, recognizing our core identity, what truly drives us, and identifying strategies for personal enhancement. This internal evolution is crucial for unleashing our fullest potential and achieving our highest work.

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The Outward Journey

Together, we will delve into the 5 essential Tasks of the Lean Faith Canvas, designed to empower you and your team to navigate new opportunities with precision while effectively mitigating risks in this era of unparalleled ministry challenges. Join us for an enlightening experience that promises to reshape the way you approach faith-based initiatives in uncertain times.

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Journey Together

Soularize is a non-profit organization focused on the gathering and connection of spiritual innovators like yourself. Our mission is to foster a collaborative environment where you can connect, uncover fresh and varied perspectives, forge meaningful relationships, and access a wealth of resources. All designed to support, inspire, and propel your projects forward.

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The Journey Of Spencer Burke

Spencer Burke has spent the last twenty years developing a community of spiritual innovators and early adopters. It began within the Christian faith and has expanded to become a multi-faith learning community. He built the earliest online faith innovation platform called, challenged traditional mindsets through his books, Heretic's Guide to Eternity and Making Sense of Church, and is currently bringing new tools and wisdom to spiritual communities through his company, Lean Faith, by adapting and contextualizing Design Thinking and Lean Methodology for faith communities.

Spencer developed the pop-up event known as ‚ÄúSoularize, a learning party for spiritual innovators‚ÄĚ to create a space where people can gather to listen, learn, explore, and collaborate on new ways of thinking and living out their faith in the world. It‚Äôs an inclusive and energetic space that introduces voices that are early on the innovation curve, with a high value on prioritizing voices from the fringe, taking risks, looking at things from a new angle, experimenting and moving the dialogue forward. Soularize changes the ways in which people engage with each other and with their faith, and it has always launched new initiatives for creating change in the world.

Spencer brings this unique Soularize ethos of curiosity combined with an inviting and welcoming environment. Along with this, he provides the skills of event planning and execution. He can be counted on to gather innovators and changemakers, to find and introduce emerging voices, and to launch new friendships and initiatives that will change the landscape of spirituality.

Spencer Burke is a widely sought after speaker, coach, trainer and strategist in the field of spiritual innovation. When ministries want to dream or feel stuck or confused, and want to love more and discern faster, they consult Spencer. As Director of Lean Faith, he helps spiritual communities discover the right questions, minimize risk, and test their ideas through rapid iterations. He is also the Founder of Hatchery LA - an incubator for Spiritual Entrepreneurs, as well as creator of The OOZE - the original website and magazine for Progressive Christianity. Spencer has authored several books including, A Heretics Guide to Eternity and Making Sense of Church. For more than twenty years, Spencer has been a practitioner of the Enneagram. He is an ordained Disciples of Christ Minister, serving as the Minister of Innovation and New Church Development with the Pacific Southwest Region from 2015 to 2019.


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