The Soularize Files

The Soularize Files

Hosted by: Spencer Burke

Do you consider yourself a spiritual innovator, an artist, an activist, a change-agent, an entrepreneur, a church leader, or a visionary educator? Are you too curious, or your ideas too bold for the institutions...

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A Way Out of No Way with Kimberly Daniel and Stephen Lewis

Co Founders of Do Good X and Co Authors of A Way Out of No Way join the conversation to discuss Spiritual innovation focused social entrepreneurs who are under resourced and under...
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The Glean Network with Rabbi Elan Babchuck

Rabbi, Entrepreneur and Founding Director of the Glean Network joins Spencer in this episode to talk about the changing landscape of both faith communities and businesses.
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Everyone a Change Maker with Anne Evans

Anne Evans joins co-host Matt Kendziera to discuss her work with Ashoka. When our faith has a motivation of love it leads to direct change in the world. [email protected]
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Faith and Finance with Rosa Lee Harden

In this episode, Spencer has a thought provoking conversation with Rosa Lee Harden about faith and finance. Where are we getting it right and where are we missing the mark? How do we look at our personal...
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New Wine Collective with Eugene Kim

Founder of New Wine Collective, Eugene Kim joins Spencer and Matt to talk about the project that won the Soularize Startup Competition. He also discusses the experience of hosting a Village and shares his dream for...
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Trauma Informed with Dr. Justin Meier

Today we tackle a topic that we are hearing a lot about but that many are struggling to talk about which is mental health. Dr. Justin Meier shares how to interact in trauma informed ways and how to lead trauma...
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Ideation with Charles Lee

In this episode of The Soularize Files Podcasts Charles Lee, the Founder & CEO at Ideation, an idea-making company that specializes in helping executives and brands scale their businesses by achieving clarity and...
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Laundry Love with Greg Russinger

Co-Founder of Laundry Love, Greg Russinger, joins the show this week to give a fresh perspective on what it means to meet the needs of others For more information on Soularize click HERE
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The Ants and the Grasshopper with Raj Patel

Author, Film Maker and Academic Raj Patel joins founder Spencer Burke and Co-Host Matt Kendziera for a conversation about climate change and Raj's documentary film, The Ants and the Grasshopper For more on Raj Patel...
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Anthems of Home with HuDost

Our special musical guests HuDost comprised of Moksha Sommer and Jemal Hines join Spencer Burke and Matt Kendziera this week to discuss music, the arts, humanity and spirituality! For more information on HuDost go...
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Spirit Awakening with Akuyoe Graham

Actress and Founder of Spirit Awakening, Akuyoe Graham, joins to show this week to discuss the importance of finding your true authentic self. She also shares how her foundation is using the arts to help incarcerated...
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An Introduction to Soularize

In the first episode of the Soularize Podcast hosts Spencer Burke and Matt Kendziera introduce Soularize and share highlights from the 2021 Soularize live/virtual event For more information on Soularize and to join...
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