Demystifying The Start-up Pitch for Soularize with Elan Babchuck

soularize startup pitch Sep 14, 2021

Hosted by Spencer Burke
Elan Babchuck - Glean Network

It does not matter what your audience learns, it matters how they feel! Learn how storytelling and an abbreviated hero’s journey can be used to put your audience in the middle of your pitch. Elan defines the six basic elements of a solid pitch and answers questions from Soularize participants. The whole conversation is informative and encouraging. If you are new to pitching a Start-up idea or want to improve an existing presentation, Elan will inspire you to go for it!

Elan Babchuck, Founding Director at Glean Network  guides us through the main elements needed in a well presented start up pitch. His positive professional presentation is effective and his enthusiasm contagious. No matter if you are presenting a start-up pitch at Soularize or just honing your presentation skills - this 52 minute instructional video is worth your time. If you want to skip to the nuts and bolts, fast forward to the core of the slide presentation it starts at 12 minutes with the final slide and review of 6 elements at 29 minutes.

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