Why Would I Want To Be A Spiritual Innovator?

spiritual innovation May 01, 2023

There are many reasons why you might want to become a Spiritual Innovator. Here are some of the most common ones:

  1. Making a Difference - Spiritual Innovator are individuals who work to create positive change in the world. By becoming a Spiritual Innovator, you have the opportunity to make a meaningful difference in the lives of others and contribute to a better world.

  2. Personal Growth - Becoming a Spiritual Innovator can be a transformative experience that leads to personal growth and development. By engaging in spiritual practices, learning from others, and taking action to create positive change, you can develop new skills, gain insights, and deepen your understanding of yourself and the world around you.

  3. Connection and Community - Spiritual Innovator often work together with others who share their values and goals. By joining a community of like-minded individuals, you can develop meaningful connections and find support and encouragement as you work towards your goals.

  4. ...

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Building Common Cause Communities - Food For Thought With Spencer Burke


In our last installment of Food For Thought, Spencer speaks on his experience helping faith leaders build common cause communities. This example centers on the work that he's done to help build a safe space for homeless teens to get care for their pets. By bringing together people, regardless of faith, they created a true church community and were able to do good and love thy neighbors. 



I would say we want to be careful to not turn churches into simple rental space. Right. We can end up thinking about, oh, well, let's go ahead and have our traditional aid groups. And I'm not saying take those away or let's open up a preschool or let's do a co-working space where if we just do those things, then the minister and the church and the congregation really become landlords, not people who are speaking into the vision of their community. And I hope the church, whatever assets we have, are seen as wonderful investments into our local communities and beyond. So...

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Are We Training Pastors For Jobs That No Longer Exist?

I spent much of this summer interviewing thought leaders about what is next for church and community, getting ready for The Next Sunday Summit. Throughout the Summit, I connected with participants, listened to their reactions, and we brainstormed about the future of church.


One thing I heard, loud and clear, is that we need better tools, training, and metrics to create and sustain community. Many leaders have gone the route of seminary and yet feel they need something more, something different to meet the needs of their community, their tribe, and their people to be relevant today and into the future.


We also agreed that while the new tools will not likely be another $50,000+ degree… they will cost something. As leaders, we will need to think about the value of innovative tools. What will be the return on our investment for the commitment of our time, our energy, our funds… and the commitment of our communities? Or perhaps a more important question...

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Danielle Goldstone (Founder of Innofaith) Charles Lee (Founder and Director of Ideation) Rabbi Elan Babchuck (Founder and Director of Glean Network) Discussing: Why Pitch Your Start Up @Soularize?


Do you have a unique business idea, community project, or non-profit mission that needs support or exposure? Join changemaker leaders from Ideation, innoFaith and Glean Network to learn what it takes to bring an idea to life and put together your best Start-Up Pitch to reach your goals.

Over $10,000 value in prizes and support will be awarded! Prize announcements will be made during this live webinar.

Top participants will be invited to present live to our panel of Advisors in Fullerton, CA on October 21-23, 2021.

Find Out More or Register HERE

You will also learn during this one hour conversation:

  • What are the main ingredients of a powerful pitch
  • How this year’s theme: Humane Spirituality impacts the contest, as we are invited to explore the question, how might we reframe issues to inspire human dignity to all, through the pursuit and practice of empathy, equity, and inclusivity
  • What you need to enter the Start-Up Pitch Gallery

Partner Organizations:

Ideation: Ideas are a...

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Amy Butler and Brian McLaren Discussing: Why Host A Village @Soularize?


Are you an entrepreneurial leader of a faith community, co-working space or organization? Are you looking for ways to connect your community to a global conversation centered on Humane Spirituality? 

Brian McLaren and Rev. Dr. Amy Butler discuss the role of Soularize in the early emerging church movement and where they think we are headed next and how this may apply to your own faith community.  

Learn more about the ways you can collaborate with Soularize to create your own event and reach more people in your local area.

The Village model is designed to unleash your entrepreneurial spirit, moving beyond the traditional satellite event hierarchy. Imagine joining our revolutionary hybrid learning party from the context of your own faith community, while still having a global impact.

Learn how you can create your own local event by choosing the Soularize content you want to stream and then contributing any additional content you want to share....

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Soularize 2021 at a Glance


Soularize 2021 is a Global Learning Party

A collaborative community built just for spiritual innovators like  you. As faith communities around the world begin to envision a post-pandemic society, we need to engage,  connect, and unleash collaboration and creativity. Our desire is to provide a space to interact, discover new  and diverse voices, build relationships, and grow resources to help encourage and launch projects. 

* Engage. Soularize brings together like-minded people and new voices from the fringe. We’ll  participate in crucial conversations, get feedback, and refine our ideas. Interact with workshop content and presenters ahead of time via our app. 

* Connect. Our app enables you to connect with other attendees in multiple ways. Explore each other’s  passions and projects; set up virtual meetups; have impromptu face-to-face conversations; instantly  share contact information; participate in Soularize LIVE locally by...

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Why don’t we stay on the sidewalk?

Why don’t we stay on the sidewalk?
It seems when a new business, restaurant or parking lot pops up in my neighborhood they spend a lot of money on fencing, landscaping and design work to try to persuade pedestrians to enter their establishments where they want them to. But inevitably sidewalks are abandoned, landscaping is trampled down and sometimes even fences are reconfigured by the shoppers who are seeking entry to their destinations.
I took this photograph and named it “reality.”
No matter how clever or how well-designed or aesthetically pleasing our solutions are people will blaze their own path. We can try to defend our decisions or cast judgment on why the masses are wrong or we can acknowledge we need a reality check.
Why should ministry planning begin with observation?
In lean methodology one of the main mantras is “love the problem not your solution.“
When I share this quote it’s always...
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