Soularize Start-Up Awardees

Uncategorized Oct 26, 2021

Start-Up Awardees

We are pleased to inform you of the Soularize 2021 Start-up Pitch Gallery Awardees:

  • In[HEIR]tance Project

  • New Wine Collective

  • The Philosophy Dream School

Advisors comments included:

The In[HEIR]itance Project builds on the long-standing tradition of art fueling social change with an innovative and compelling approach. The way they build bridges in communities, create space for difficult conversations, and open pathways for change is one of the most creative models I've seen for interfaith engagement toward social impact.

"New Wine Collective - put simply - gets it. Spiritual communities of the future embrace emergence, co-creation, flattened hierarchies, and a real sense of ownership across the board. The days of belonging to a church are waning; the days of the church belonging to you are just beginning.

Soularize received over 20 submissions and a dozen of those followed through with their final presentations. Our advisors identified their top choices that aligned with the awards they contributed. You can see all of the projects in the Soularize Whova app under Agenda/PitchGallery. 

Awards summary:

  • InnoFaith will award In[HEIR]tance Project $5,000 for their work in the interfaith space.

  • Glean Network will award In[HEIR]tance Project and New Wine Collective gratis access to their 2021-2022 START Spiritual Entrepreneurship Cohort (valued at over $1,000 per)

  • Ideation will award business consulting to New Wine Collective (valued at over $2,000).

  • Lean Faith will award business consulting to The Philosophy Dream School (valued at over $1,000).

Criteria included: Unique business start-ups ideas, community projects, or non-profit mission concepts; that support the ideas of this year’s theme, Humane Spirituality and align with the supporting company allocated awards.  Awardees were announced during Soularize LIVE, October 21- 23, in Fullerton, California. 

Congratulations to all who participated. Learn more and think about presenting a Spiritually Innovative Start-up Idea next year go here.


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