Barry Taylor - Soularize Arts Curator, Discussing: Why Showcase your Art @Soularize?

Uncategorized Jul 15, 2021

We are calling artists working in any medium to join us in creating an arts environment where we can share our work and the spiritual and theological ideas that inspire our work. We are looking for art that addresses this year's Soularize theme, Humane Spirituality.

In this often divided age we live in, where people throw barbs and slogans from their ideological positions, we believe that a different kind of spirituality is called for, one that celebrates and works towards a richer expression of our humanity.

The Covid pandemic has raised anxiety and revealed many of the unhealthy practices our societies have traded in which cause inequality, suffering and despair. Many are calling for a return to ‘normal, we are calling for something more, a new normal, where different values shape the world we live, things like kindness, generosity and compassion. Art can both reveal and speak to the human condition and invite us to reflect on what it means to be human. 

If you’re one of those artists, we’d love to see your work and have you join our project.

For more information on submitting your your art or performance go here

Sincerely, Barry Taylor
Soularize Arts Curator

Barry Taylor lives and works in London after living in Los Angeles for many years. He has taught theology in various settings from seminaries to online communities as well as in various experimental and radical communities he has helped to nurture over the years. He makes music, writes and speaks globally, and has a wide variety of interests and pursuits connected to the intersections of religion, theology and culture. He currently co-directs HandCo, an online learning environment, and is the Associate Professor of Theology and Culture for GCAS (Global Center for Advanced Studies).

You can follow his work on Patreon ( or check out his visual offerings on Instagram (@ukbloke).


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