Soularize 2021 at a Glance


Soularize 2021 is a Global Learning Party

A collaborative community built just for spiritual innovators like  you. As faith communities around the world begin to envision a post-pandemic society, we need to engage,  connect, and unleash collaboration and creativity. Our desire is to provide a space to interact, discover new  and diverse voices, build relationships, and grow resources to help encourage and launch projects. 

* Engage. Soularize brings together like-minded people and new voices from the fringe. We’ll  participate in crucial conversations, get feedback, and refine our ideas. Interact with workshop content and presenters ahead of time via our app. 

* Connect. Our app enables you to connect with other attendees in multiple ways. Explore each other’s  passions and projects; set up virtual meetups; have impromptu face-to-face conversations; instantly  share contact information; participate in Soularize LIVE locally by attending a Village gathering

* Unleash. At the heart of our community is collaboration and creativity. Move from passive  observation to active contribution by using the virtual platform to participate in our unique Pitch  Gallery featuring Start-Up Pitches, Workshops, and an Art Gallery

This year’s theme is focused on Humane Spirituality. We are invited to explore the question, how might we  reframe issues to inspire human dignity to all, through the pursuit and practice of empathy, equity, and inclusivity? 

Soularize 2021 exists in a hybrid format that blends local and global engagement. Our app is your key to  participating from anywhere in the world. During the months leading up to Soularize LIVE, you’ll have the  opportunity to present ideas, ask questions, and collaborate with a diversity of innovators. Then in October,  we’ll gather as a community.  

Join Soularize LIVE in Southern California, watch with your local Village, or stream our content online from  wherever you are. 

Spiritual Innovators: Soularize is created by and for innovators and early adopters. We don’t need to force  discovery of the new or different. It’s the essence of why we do what we do. It’s the animating force that  drives our curiosity and enables us to fearlessly embrace the unknown.  

We can be found among artist activists, community change-agents, business entrepreneurs, church leaders,  visionary educators and even in the most unexpected vocations. We believe a better world is possible. Since  2001, Soularize has nurtured this unique audience, fostering relationships, hosting conversations around  taboo topics, and awakening alternative movements. Join us!

When is Soularize 2021? 

Soularize app – available 6/1 through 12/31/2021 
(Network Pass required)

Soularize LIVE – 10/21–23, Fullerton, CA 
(Fullerton Pass, Network Pass, or local Village required. See Ticket section for more details) 

Villages & Pitches  

The Village model is designed to unleash your entrepreneurial spirit, moving beyond the traditional satellite  event hierarchy. As a host, you will join this revolutionary hybrid learning party from the context of your own  community, while still having global impact. You create our own local event by choosing the Soularize content  you want to stream and contributing the content you want to share. Then customize the experience for your  own community by including local artists, experts, meals, and more. 

Our Pitch Gallery invites participants to submit, interact with, and vote on innovative projects and topics in  three different categories: Start-ups, Workshops, and Art Gallery. The Art Gallery features dedicated  searchable categories that include Photography, Short Film, Music, Music Video, Spoken Word, Graphic Art,  Short Story or Other. Schedule live presentations to practice your pitch, engage the Soularize community and  get feedback, and network to launch collaborative efforts. All submissions with be evaluated for possible  inclusion in Soularize LIVE in October. 


Soularize LIVE: The 3-Day hybrid learning party features diverse keynote speakers, unique panels,  workshops, networking events, and more. The program will be streamed to virtual attendees via our  Network Pass and through local gatherings known as Villages. 

Virtual Network Experience: Connect and engage via the Whova app in the months leading up to the  Soularize LIVE. Features rich interactivity for networking, Q&A, live polling, and video conferencing.  

Multiple contests: Designed to motivate spiritual entrepreneurs to submit innovative ministry concepts  and works of art within the theme of Humane Spirituality.



Network Pass: Access all content in our private Soularize community, online and in the mobile app. Participate as  soon as the event is launched on June 1 through the LIVE 3-Day hybrid gathering ending on October 23, 2021.  Cost: $19.95 per person. 

Village Host: Broadcast Soularize LIVE gathering to your own location. We will provide remote training and  support for your team. One (1) Network pass included. Ticket sales end October 23, 2021. Cost: $99 per host. 

Fullerton Pass: Attend in-person at the main event location in charming downtown Fullerton, CA. On-site  experiences in accordance with CDC health guidelines TBA. Includes one (1) Network Pass. Tickets available  starting June 1, thru October 23, 2021. Attendance is limited. Cost: $199 per person.


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